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SubjectRe: centrino
On Sat, 2003-05-03 at 16:21, Alan Cox wrote:

> > The wireless doesn't work in any kernel, and Intel have
> > stated specifically on their web site that they have no
> > plans for any future Linux driver for that device.
> There are awkward issues there certainly.

Alan, have you had any better luck talking to Intel than I had? At least
you are a well known person in the Linux environment and have a lot more
clout than when a complete nobody like me tries to get their attention.
Getting the wireless working would be a great step forward.

> > The Centrino package is altogether hostile to Linux.
> Time may change that. The ATI/ALi chipset AMD laptops like the Compaq
> z9xx were really Linux hostile. Now with the right stuff in place and
> some things fixed (some working around their bugs, some fixing ours)
> they work really well.
> Centrino ultimately is a help - the laptop chipset space is
> consolidating and there are less and less variations appearing. That
> helps us because there is less to support. Its the same as with X and
> IDE and other things nowdays - we get a lot less deeply weird hardware
> to fight.

Eventually things will work in favour of linux. It usually does. The
time it might take to get there is a variable factor though. Personally
I thought Centrino was a good idea. I normally don't like 'Chipzilla'
but in this instance I think they did a good thing.


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