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    SubjectRe: Nightly regression runs against current bk tree
    On May 29, 2003  17:48 -0500, Mark Peloquin wrote:
    > Your correct. We're just getting started with this effort and we used
    > this mix to get things going. Once ppl are happy with the presentation
    > of data, we planned to add more tests to provide a more balanced mix.
    > But since you asked, we have added lmbench to our -bk3 regression run. :)

    Mark, it would be nice to get a graph of the combined results for each
    test. Something like:

    tiobench sequential write rate
    | +++++++++++++++++ + = -mm-ext3
    M | ++++++++++++++++++++++++++***************** * = linus-ext3
    B | +++++++***************** ###### # = -ac-ext3
    / | . = -mm-XFS
    s | = = -ac-XFS
    | ********* etc

    This allows at-a-glance trends for each group of tests and (as in the
    example above you could see easily when a performance bug was added
    and fixed in -ac before in the linus kernel, for example). Probably
    having all of the comparable results on the same page, or even in the
    same graph results is a win.

    Bonus points if you can click on a spot in the graph and get the results
    page for that date/test ;-).

    Cheers, Andreas
    Andreas Dilger

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