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SubjectRe: Nightly regression runs against current bk tree

Nathan wrote:

>On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 11:11:17PM +0200, Andi Kleen wrote:
>>It would be nice if we had a new linux-testresults list where such
>>updates could be posted regularly. I don't think it belong on l-k
>>because it would be too noisy. Perhaps such a list could be added to
>>vger. David, what do you think?
>The OSDL has a serious amount of automated testing we could point the
>results of to a separate list if it is created.
>Right now we avoid pointing that sort of thing to l-k because it would
>drive people nuts. On average we complete 40+ tests a day.
>With all the testing efforts going on, a central list to post and
>analyze results would be good. People interested in helping out could
>easily work with testers to look for trends and help with root cause
>When results are found to contain significant data, we can always notify l-k.

Easy of viewing should be considered. We have tried to show a high level
summary that allows the users to quickly, looking in one place,
determine if any significant data is found. When the users seems
something of interest, they only need follow the links to see the
details. Its shouldn't be necessary for users to sift through one email
for each test. If finding signficant data was easier, and I think it can
be made easier, users would look at it themselves and there wouldn't be
the need to have to notify l-k.

I'm not trying to be competetive here. I just think results and
comparisons can be made that covers a large amount of tests in a single
page or note. One note per day does not IMHO seem like too much. That
note can always be the "tip of the iceberg" pointing to many other
things. Thus those not interested can simply skip that note.


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