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SubjectRE: [PATCH] Re: ALSA problems: sound lockup, modules, 2.5.70
-----Original Message-----
From: Stian Jordet []
> tir, 27.05.2003 kl. 20.51 skrev
>> Argh. Missing initialization in char_dev.c - it's definitely
>> responsible for crap on unload. Load side appears to be something >else,
>> though...
> This did not fix my problem. When I unload one ALSA-modules after the
> other, the system hangs when I come to the "snd" module. No oops or
> panic, it just freezes. Other than that, ALSA works fine for me, just
> frustrating when I reboot.
> Best regards,
> Stian

For what it's worth, maybe as a point to start to look for differences...

I am running 2.5.70-mm1, with snd-intel8x0 module. Also SMP on Xeon P4
(2up), Intel chipset. I am not having any problems with unloading snd.

So maybe the difference is between -mm1 and (IIRC) -bk1.
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