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    SubjectSiS USB IRQ (Was: [patch] sis650 irq router fix for 2.4.x)

    Not relevant to the 650, but for the 630: Going through the datasheet
    revealed that the 630 (with built-in Super South Bridge) does not know
    register 0x62 (of the "ISA bridge", speak the irq router, 00:01.0,
    1039:0008, revision 0) - it's reserved there, but the datasheets states
    explicitly that bit 7 should be set to 1.

    The USB interrupts and their routing is determined by bit 8 register
    0x04 of the USB OHCI configuration space (00:01.2 and 00:01.3).

    Perhaps some interrupt guru knows what to do with this information and
    is able to verify that the current implementation does this right...


    Thomas Winischhofer
    thomas AT winischhofer DOT net ***
    twini AT xfree86 DOT org

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