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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH][2.5] Possible race in wait_task_zombie and finish_task_switch
    Do we have an idea which reference is miscounted? It seems that there 
    are 4 different kinds of references to a task structure:

    - the reference for the stack itself, acquired by setting usage to 2,
    dropped by schedule_tail.
    - the reference for wait4, acquired by setting usage to 2, dropped by
    - references for the pid structures, maintained by pid.c
    - temporary references for looking at tsk->{fs,mm,files,tty}, used by
    /proc, ptrace, tty.

    >kernel BUG at kernel/sched.c:746!
    Hmm. What is schedule.c:746? There is no BUG in that area in the bk tree.

    Zwane, is it easy to reproduce the crash? I could write a patch that
    adds 4 refcounters, then we could find out in which area we must look.


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