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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.21-rc3 - ipmi unresolved
On Sun, 25 May 2003 22:37:17 -0500, 
Corey Minyard <> wrote:
>Keith Owens wrote:
>>Danger Will Robinson: panic notification to modules is racy.
>>Registering via panic_notifier_list does not bump the module use count,
>>a panic can occur while a module is being unloaded and you are dead.
>>No big deal for panic, you are already dying, but it is just a symptom
>>of a larger problem, yet another uncounted reference to module code.
>>_ANY_ notifier callback to a module is racy, think very carefully
>>before exporting any XXX_notifier_list.
>>I would go so far as to say that no XXX_notifier_list should be
>>exported, that includes notifier_chain_register() itself. If a module
>>needs to be notified then it should have glue code in the main kernel
>>that does try_inc_mod_count() on the module before calling any module
>Although, as you noted, this one is not a problem, you are probably
>right in general.
>However, having every modules that uses a notifier list have its own
>custom code in the kernel is probably not a very good option, either.
>It makes things messy and adds unneeded bloat to the kernel.
>Would it be possible to have a notifier_chain_register_module() that did
>the job generically?

notifier_chain_register_module() is possible, just pass __THIS_MODULE
and the code that runs the notifier chain does try_inc_mod_count()
before making the upcall. But that new function cannot be mixed with
notifier_chain_register(), it has to be a complete replacement. Not
going to happen in 2.4.

I considered making notifier_chain_register() a macro which called
notifier_chain_register_module() with __THIS_MODULE, but that assumes
that all calls to notifier_chain_register() are local, i.e. from the
top level functions. Alas there are any service routines that call
notifier_chain_register() on behalf of their caller, so the macro
approach will result in the wrong value for __THIS_MODULE.

>Or maybe if notifier_chain_unregister() did a
>(the RCU call to wait until everything is clear) would that be good
>enough? It would
>only work if all the notifier chain calls where done while the kernel
>was unpreemptable,
>if I understand this correctly. I realize the RCU option is not
>available in 2.4, though.

notifier_chain_unregister() is not a problem, that is a downcall from
the module into the kernel when the module is going away, downcalls are
"always" safe. The race is a module that has started to unload, and
another cpu (or even the same cpu under some circumstances) runs the
notifier chain, doing an upcall from the kernel into a module without
locking or refcounts. Given the right timing, the notifier code could
even branch to a module that has been completely removed. Note that
notifier_call_chain() has no locking, so it is also racy against

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