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    SubjectRe: Aix7xxx unstable in 2.4.21-rc2? (RE: Linux 2.4.21-rc2)
    On Sat, 2003-05-24 at 10:51, Justin T. Gibbs wrote:
    > Just for clarification. Marcelo never asked me for a fix. The only
    > mail I received from him was an informational message indicating that
    > the code was being backed out. If I had been provided an opportunity
    > to fix the problem, I would have. Considering that the fix has been
    > available long before RC2 was cut (May 1st.), it's not hard to see that
    > getting a proper fix required nothing more than just upgrading the driver
    > or contacting its maintainer to get a paired down fix.

    The kernel, as you have been told several times before, follows a push
    model, not a pull one. Just looking after SCSI, I don't have time to go
    around asking all the driver writers for updates; likewise Marcelo
    really doesn't have the time to do this for everything in the 2.4

    Every maintained piece of the kernel has a listed maintainer to whom the
    bug reports are supposed to go. The expectation is that these
    maintainers will see the bug reports and pro-actively provide fixes
    before they become release issues. The maintainers also do
    enhancements, *but* these enhancements should follow the proper release
    cycle (i.e. in at the early -pre stage).

    Could you please get with the program? The bug fix vs enhancement issue
    hasn't previously mattered that much for 2.5, but I anticipate we'll be
    following a similar model when 2.6 is released.


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