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SubjectRe: [OOPS] kswapd 2.4.20
On Thursday 22 May 2003 18:01, David Lewis wrote:

Hi David,

> Thanks for the pointers to the new VM systems. I changed the kernel over to

> 2.4.21-rc2-ac2 (has rmap in it, right?) and I am rerunning my tests to see
> if that solves the problem.
Nope, -ac dropped rmap some weeks ago (or even months). Carldani is right :)

> I agree with Andrea about bugs.. I certainly accept them as a necessary
> evil. I tend to get frustrated when faced with something that I dont have
> the skill to solve myself however. Especially so when I cant seem to get
> pointed in the right direction by anyone. :)
hehe :) ... Well, some people including me are frustrated about sending
patches (bugfixes) again and again to only see silent ignores, thus also
frustrated about telling the issues, pointing to fixes etc.

> Thanks again for your suggestion, and I will let you know if it works out!
thanks :) Would be great to hear from you if it'll work (I'll bet it will ;)

ciao, Marc

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