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SubjectRe: Recent changes to sysctl.h breaks glibc

On Mon, 19 May 2003, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> Within include/linux grep told me that "#ifdef __KERNEL__" was present
> in 219 places. So a lot of header files are kept in a shape that allows
> them to be included from user-land.

No. They're definitely _not_ "kept in shape".

A number of headers have historical baggage, mainly to support the
old libc5 habits, and because removing the ifdef's is something that
nobody has felt was worth the pain.

I think the only header file that should be considered truly exported is
something like "asm/posix_types.h". For the others, we'll add __KERNEL__
protection on demand if the glibc guys can give good arguments that it
helps them do the "copy-and-cleanup" phase.


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