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    SubjectRe: Digital Rights Management - An idea (limited lease, renting, expiration, verification) NON HAR*D*WARE BASED.
    Actually the program is dynamically encrypted with a new key each time.
    Intefering with memory buffers causes the kernel to delete the program, Key is sent over VPN, tampering with the kernel causes
    the MD5 hash to be incorrect, and key isn't sent, DRM self scans itself, MD5 hash sums are made on the sources and DRM will
    dynamically recompile itself every 32 seconds, checking the sources.
    USER key is dynamic, with a different key for every program,
    using email to verify said key.
    *GASP* for breath :)
    May I note this can make sure GPL is followed as well as proprietary rules...

    > > []said:
    > Two more problems:
    > 1) In this case the decryption key is an intergral part of the software
    > and as such needs to be supplied as per fair use clauses.
    > 2) Alan's argument stands. It is possible to fake the server and provide
    > the key once the user have pinched a working copy. The wrapper can be
    > reverse-engineered for communication key magics if need be.
    > --
    > Tomas Szepe <>

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