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    SubjectRe: odd db4 error with 2.5.69-mm4 [was Re: Huraaa for 2.5]
    Shawn wrote:

    >Not to get away from the praise too much, but I have a rpm/db4 problem
    >that seems to be related to the kernel. before I started backing out
    >parts of 69-mm4, I just wanted to figure out /which/ parts to try
    >backing out.
    >As root, I basically can't use rpm at all. I think it's select() related
    >as strace shows it timing out. The odd thing is that it works great as a
    >non-privileged user.
    >2.5.69-mm4, otherwise mostly stock rh90 setup.

    Just out of curiosity, have you tried:

    LD_KERNEL_ASSUME=2.4.1 rpm -qi iptables

    OTOH, rpm-4.2-1 seems to "just work" here -

    where "here" is of the form:

    2.5.6x on RH9


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