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    On Tue, 13 May 2003 17:00:29 +0100
    Russell King <> wrote:

    > The basic idea is to rip out the arm26 code from arch/arm and
    > include/asm-arm, thereby allowing include/asm-arm/proc-armv to
    > be collapsed into include/asm-arm, removing some clutter.


    speaking of which - let me know when you want the next round of patches
    to remove the ARM26 stuff from arch/arm please ;-)

    > Separating it out should also allow arm26 to shrink down to
    > something smaller, which is fairly critical for these machines.

    Yep. the [compiled size of the] kernel has already begun to decrease,
    and its looking quite promising (If I ever get the time to finish it!)

    I just want to get it 'out there' so the couple of other folks
    interested can start hacking on it too.

    I have an ide driver too, if anyone wants to submit it for the
    mainstream kernel. It drives SIMTEC IDE cards, found in Acorn machines,
    and is, of course, non-invasive to the tree. Its for 2.4. I'd imagine
    Russell would be happy to let someone else take it off his hands?

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