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    SubjectRE: [RFC] How to fix MPS 1.4 + ACPI behaviour ?

    For me the linux kernel should invoke the _PIC method with the right

    Look at the specification Section

    << ================ Start ================
    5.8.1 _PIC Method
    The \_PIC optional method is to report to the BIOS the current interrupt
    model used by the OS. This
    control method returns nothing. The argument passed into the method
    signifies the interrupt model OSPM
    has chosen, PIC mode, APIC mode, or SAPIC mode. Notice that calling this
    method is optional for OSPM.
    If the method is never called, the BIOS must assume PIC mode. It is
    important that the BIOS save the value
    passed in by OSPM for later use during wake operations.
    _PIC(0) => PIC Mode
    _PIC(1) => APIC Mode
    _PIC(2) => SAPIC Mode
    _PIC(3-n) => Reserved

    ==================== End ====================>

    ==> No MADT table, so ACPI sets up the APIC in PIC mode (which I wonder
    wether correct, but ok)
    For me the kernel should invoke the _PIC method with the right
    parameter, in this case the ACPI module will receive the right table
    during the _PRT

    Bios ASL code:
    If(\PICF) <== internal variable set by _PIC
    ==> Returning APIC Mode
    ==> Returning PIC Mode



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    From: Jos Hulzink []
    Sent: lundi 12 mai 2003 22:51
    To: STK; 'linux-kernel'
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    Subject: Re: [RFC] How to fix MPS 1.4 + ACPI behaviour ?

    On Monday 12 May 2003 22:40, STK wrote:
    > Hi,
    > If no Multiple APIC Description Table (MADT) is described, in this
    > case the _PIC method can be used to tell the bios to return the right
    > table (PIC or APIC routing table).
    > In this case, if the MPS table describes matches the ACPI APIC table
    > (this is the case, because the ACPI APIC table is built from the MPS
    > table), you do not need to remap all IRQs.

    So, it's more or less a bug in the ACPI code that should do some things
    no MADT is dectected ? Or do I understand you wrong ?


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