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SubjectRe: bug on shutdown from 68-mm4 (machine_power_off returning causes problems)
"Martin J. Bligh" <> writes:

> >> >> Sorry if this is old news, haven't been paying attention for a week.
> >> >> Bug on shutdown (just after it says "Power Down") from 68-mm4.
> >> >> (the NUMA-Q).
> >> >
> >> > Random guess: is it related to CONFIG_KEXEC?
> >>
> >> Don't think so - I don't have that enabled. Config file is attatched.
> >
> > It doesn't matter - the kexec patch tends to futz with stuff like that
> > regardless of CONFIG_KEXEC.
> >
> > It doesn't happen here. Could you please retest without the kexec
> > patch applied?
> Yup, backing out kexec fixes it.

Ok. Thinking it through the differences is that I have machine_power_off
call stop_apics (which is roughly equivalent to the old smp_send_stop).

In the kexec patch that does 2 things.
1) It shuts down the secondary cpus, and returns the bootstrap cpu to
virtual wire mode.
2) It calls set_cpus_allowed to force the reboot to be on the primary

After returning from machine_power_off. We run into a problem
in flush_tlb_mm. Because we have a cpu disabled, that is still part
of the mm's vm mask.

Does anyone know why machine_halt, and machine_power_off return?

If not I am just going to disable the return path.

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