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    SubjectTyan 2466 SMP lock with 2.4.21-rc1, HIGHMEM + heavy disk i/o

    Tyan 2466 MPX board, 2 Athlon 1800MP, bios 1.01 from March 2002
    1 gb ram, ibm + maxtor ide disks, ide cdrom + cdrw
    ati rage 128, sb pci 128, on-board 3c905 nic, ps/2 mouse
    no other cards
    hardware configuration unaltered since June of last year

    Enabling or disabling the HIGHME patch is enough to trigger/suppress
    hard locking. When HIGHMEM is enabled, locking occurs very easily when
    trying to copy a (cloop-mounted) Knoppix image, or even when compiling
    a kernel.

    I run fairly stock kernels (from Debian kernel source packages) with the
    win4lin patch as the only external patch. ACPI is disabled. Disk access is
    not tuned in any way, DMA gets enabled by default.


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