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    SubjectPCI problem [was Re: ACPI conflict with USB]
    David van Hoose wrote:
    > Stian Jordet wrote:
    >> Sitat Greg KH <>:
    >>> On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 05:50:36PM -0500, David van Hoose wrote:
    >>>> I'm wondering if there is any work towards correcting the ACPI
    >>>> conflict with USB. On my system, I cannot use any USB devices due to
    >>>> a timeout anytime I use ACPI with my kernel. Other people have
    >>>> noticed this happening on their systems as well, so I am assuming it
    >>>> isn't just on my system.
    >>> Have you tried the latest 2.5 kernels? I think this is fixed in 2.5.69
    >>> for the majority of people. Also, does booting with "noapic" work for
    >>> you?
    >> If it is supposed to have been fixed in 2.5.69, that must be the
    >> reason usb
    >> stopped working with acpi on 2.5.69 for me. Worked fine with 2.5.68.
    >> Only three days since I reported it, and you say it is fixed? Gee.
    >> David: The consensus on acpi-devel is to report it in bugzilla, and
    >> see what
    >> happens.
    > I'm using kernel 2.5.69-bk3 with this recent test. Booted with noapic,
    > and I get thousands of lines of APIC errors. I still get the 'bulk_msg:
    > timeout' with USB though.
    > This hasn't ever worked for me. First tried with 2.5.54. I don't think I
    > tried 2.5.68. Should I and see if it was something in a patch to 2.5.69?

    Okay. I think I have figured some things out.
    With 2.5.69-bk4, I have ACPI and APM built into my kernel.

    If I boot normally, ACPI loads first and I get timeouts and my USB
    trackball doesn't register with input.

    If I boot with noacpi, I still have the same problem.

    If I boot with pci=noacpi, I do *not* have the problem. I still have the
    timeout, but my trackball works. However, I have many lines of an
    acpi_irq handler and call trace with the comment 'irq 20: nobody
    cared!'. I also get 'APIC error on CPU0: 00(40)' and 'APIC error on
    CPU0: 40(40)' a couple dozen times each.

    If I boot with noacpi *and* pci=noacpi, I have the all of the problems
    mentioned; no trackball and the pci=noacpi related problems.

    Someone mentioned using noapic, but it doesn't have any effect.

    Any questions?


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