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    SubjectRe: Kernel source tree splitting
    > >> I have seven source trees on disk right now.  Getting rid off all
    > >>the archs but i386 would not only save tons of space, it would also
    > >>make 'grep -r' go faster and stop spewing irrelevant hits for archs
    > >>that I couldn't care less about.
    > >
    > > I agree with you. Making different trees for different archs will make the tarball much smaller. Usually people only use one architecture and the other code lies waste. I think this has been discussed many times but It really is worth doing.
    > How about a script to just prune it once you download it. That will at least fix your
    > disk space & grep issue, and will not affect those of us who like to see it all.

    Agreed - we don't want to obfuscate getting the whole kernel tree for
    anybody who wants to - some of us have loads of bandwidth, and do
    compile for multiple architectures :-).

    > If you want to save download bandwidth, just use incremental diffs and/or something
    > like bk or one of the cvs exports.

    Even the current 2.5 source tree is downloadable during a, (long),
    lunch break over ISDN, (or a very long lunch break over a 56K modem
    :-) ).

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