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    SubjectRE: questions regarding Journalling-FSes and w-cache reordering

    > -----Original Message-----
    > Is a ATA-harddisk allowed to reorder the operations from in
    > w-cache ?

    ATA hard drives are allowed to reorder/merge/etc their write caches if write
    cache is enabled. With write caching enabled, there is no guarantee that
    dirty data will be flushed in any specific order, nor does the ATA protocol
    support any such ordering beyond the global flush cache command.

    No order preference is supported in TCQ either except for the optional FUA
    extensions for ATA-7.

    There is nothing in the ATA specification that guarantees data integrity at
    any given instant in time on the media without a flush cache. (e.g. I am in
    the process of writing data A, and data B is an arriving overlapping write
    splice, what do I actually put on the media and in what order)

    Power cycling a dirty, busy drive, especially in the middle of error
    recovery/reallocation, is always a dangerous proposition.


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