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SubjectRe: poweroff problem
Udo A. Steinberg wrote:
> On 06 Apr 2003 16:14:42 +0100 Alan Cox (AC) wrote:
> AC> Different options for reboot (16 v 32) perhaps, might even be something is
> AC> random as which way the carry flag is when the bios code is called. If you
> AC> want to be sure for the APM case stick a printk just before we drop into
> AC> the BIOS and make sure we oops after and not before..
> I just tried with APM; machine powers down without problems. It's ACPI which
> doesn't power down. Last thing it prints during powerdown is:
> hwsleep-0178 [-24] Acpi_enter_sleep_state: Entering S5
> I can't find any specific A7V workarounds in 2.5.66 ACPI code, so I guess
> the ACPI code in 2.4 isn't up-to-date.
> The original poster's problem is then probably indeed related to a buggy BIOS
> if it doesn't even powerdown with APM.

The original poster said his kernel was 2.4.2-2, which looks like a
RedHat one and could have contained ACPI...


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