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SubjectRe: [Bug 538] New: Rebooting of pentium-I during initial booting phase.
| | >Problem Description:
| | >The new kernel 2.5.65 reboots while booting process (in the very initial phase) making even noting the progress very difficult.
| | >The system is running fine with 2.4.21-pre5, with the option "nodma".
| |
| | Most probably a configuration error, viz. choosing a CPU type
| | higher than generic 586. My Socket7 ASUS T2P4 with a Pentium
| | Classic (pre-MMX) 133MHz boots 2.5.66 just fine.
| Yes, I agree with that suggestion, but I don't see a problem.
| Did you look at his .config file? It's here:
| I'm comparing it to the .config on my Pentium-with-f00f-bug, which does
| boot 2.5.65 successfully, and I don't see CPU option differences.
| I see lots that don't matter and I see PIIX vs. VIA option differences.
| Oh, and I have CONFIG_VIDEO_DEV enabled, while Robins does not.
| Would that matter?

Ugh, never mind that last part. I was thinking that was CONSOLE stuff,
but it's not.

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