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SubjectRe: your mail
On Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 07:28:12AM -0800, William Scott Lockwood III wrote:
> The best list is one that is inclusive. One that tollerates other opinions
> and choices. LKML has turned into the largest, nastiest click I've ever
> seen, and that's really sad, as I'm sure it scares some good people away.

Are you speaking about PEOPLE who react on emails by flaming, or
something of list filtering "technology" ?

> Look at all the crap I and others got for using hotmail - I finally
> got sick and tired of the whining and now have to take 3x as long to
> read my mail - but it's not a hotmail address anymore, so the whining
> stoped.

About people, then.. There I can't help, unfortunately.

We have lots of people subscribing on Hotmail addresses, and only
complaint I can voice is that those people will at times let their
mailbox quotas overflow, which leads to bounces, and then subscription
revocation... (Hard controlled quotas are not unique to Hotmail, nor
people who let them overflow...)

> Why not spend less timing restricting what people can read and post
> from, and just let people participate?

There is this small thing called spam...

We have various filters (see my other posting), but obviously they
are not infallible, a few spams do leak thru, and earn new filter
rules (if I can think up something suitably specific, while generic..)

A somewhat better anti-spam filter method, than what we use presently
is to use strictly CLOSED list -- e.g. must be a member to post.
I have seen what kind of pains closed lists are, I even moderate
couple small ones.

However we are deliberately running "open for posting, subject to
filters" policy, which lets questions and reports to come from

/Matti Aarnio
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