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    SubjectRe: Kernel source tree splitting
    > On 4/30/2003 at 5:21 PM Randy.Dunlap wrote:
    >>I'm probably misreading this...but,
    >>Have you tried this yet? Does it modify/customize all Kconfig
    >>and Makefiles for the selected tree splits?
    > I didn't try it. It would require knowledge of all interdependencies
    > between modules (i.e. ide-scsi is part of ide. ide-scsi depends
    > on scsi), also all source files that belong to each config option
    > would likely need to be understood by the persons working to
    > do this, and also the entire build system semantics would need
    > to be designed to work in pieces. Assuming this is ever done.
    > It goes like this:
    > make *config reads kernel-tree/options/foo.lod
    > make *config gets to configuration baz in bar.lod
    > make *config sees baz needs foo
    > make *config lists baz.
    > make *config sees biz needs data
    > make *config refuses to show biz
    > make missing-depends shows a list of unselectable options and
    > -----------selecting one tells which kernel option is needed.
    > make bzImage reads through kernel-tree/options/ and finds which
    > -----------makefiles to call (current makes have these embedded)
    > make bzImage builds a kernel.
    > make modules reads through kernel-tree/options/ and finds which
    > -----------makefiles to call.
    > make modules builds a kernel.
    >>A few days ago, in one tree, I rm-ed arch/{all that I don't need} and
    >> drivers/{all that I don't need}.
    >>After that I couldn't run "make *config" because it wants all of
    >>those files, even if I don't want them.
    > That WILL break something.

    or "That does break something" (when I tried it).

    >>So there are many edits that needed to be done in lots of
    >>Kconfig and Makefiles if one selectively pulls or omits certain
    > The main Makefile will have to be redone. So would the kconfig
    > things (make config/menuconfig/xconfig).
    > The extra plus to this is that other people can steal the build
    > system for other projects lol.

    I seem to try for simple solutions when possible and feasible.

    In this case, if I were doing it, I would try changing (e.g.) in
    arch/i386/kernel/Kconfig, this line:
    source "drivers/eisa/Kconfig"
    optsource "drivers/eisa/Kconfig"
    where optsource means that the file is optional -- if not found,
    ignore it. And then see what happens, how far it can go,
    what the next problem is....

    If this could be made to work, then entire subdirectories/subsystems
    could be optional.


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