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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] add a stub by which a module can bind to the AFS syscall
    In message <>,Christoph Hellwig writes:
    >We need to repeat a mistake others did has never been a valid
    >argument in linux devlopment.. Anyway, it's really hard to judge about
    >this before seeing the actual implementation instead of just saying
    >here's a stub I need.

    at the time afs was written it wasnt a mistake. syscall was the only
    (easy) way into the kernel from user space. adding multiple syscalls
    would have just been completely painful. as for examples, pioctl() --
    the user space of the afs syscall -- is a bit like syssgi() i am afraid:

    venus/fs.c: code = pioctl(0, VIOC_GETCELLSTATUS, &blob, 1);
    venus/fs.c: code = pioctl(0, VIOC_SETRXKCRYPT, &blob, 1);
    vlserver/sascnvldb.c: code = pioctl(ti->data, VIOCGETVOLSTAT, &blob, 1);
    auth/ktc_nt.c: code = pioctl(0, VIOCNEWGETTOK, &iob, 0);
    auth/ktc_nt.c: code = pioctl(0, VIOCDELTOK, &iob, 0);
    package/package.c: code = pioctl(0, VIOC_AFS_SYSNAME, &data, 1);
    venus/up.c: code = pioctl(file1, _VICEIOCTL(2), &blob, 1);

    in reality, very few things other than afs are going to want to use
    the afs syscall (arla might be a possible user).
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