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    Subjectout_of_window handling in TIMEWAIT state

    I see in tcp_ipv4.c:tcp_v4_rcv. I see that a special
    case is done that if an OTW data segment is received
    in TIMEWAIT, then a correct ACK is generated. This is
    not the case if the state was LAST_ACK or CLOSING
    where OTW data is discarded. RFC793 appears to suggest
    that OTW data arriving in these states be treated the
    same. Was there a specific reason why this is
    implemented as such? I'm hoping to gain an
    understanding of whether there may have been known
    problems interoperating with other stacks resulting in
    this need or if the change was simply to match RFC
    requirement. If it was the RFC requirement, am I
    correct in that LAST_ACK and CLOSING are treated
    differently and if so why is that the case. Any
    advice/pointers would be appreciated.

    if (sk->state == TCP_TIME_WAIT)
    goto do_time_wait;

    case TCP_TW_ACK:
    tcp_v4_timewait_ack(sk, skb);


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