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    SubjectRe: IPMI driver version 19 release
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    This only occurs in "run to completion" mode, which is a special mode
    the driver goes into after a panic. This allows the driver to get
    messages out during a panic to do things like extend the watchdog timer
    and send panic information.

    - -Corey

    Jeff Garzik wrote:

    >On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 10:24:02AM -0600, Corey Minyard wrote:
    >>@@ -563,8 +576,9 @@
    >> spin_lock_irqsave(&(kcs_info->kcs_lock), flags);
    >> result = kcs_event_handler(kcs_info, 0);
    >> while (result != KCS_SM_IDLE) {
    >>- udelay(500);
    >>- result = kcs_event_handler(kcs_info, 500);
    >>+ udelay(KCS_SHORT_TIMEOUT_USEC);
    >>+ result = kcs_event_handler(kcs_info,
    >> }
    >> spin_unlock_irqrestore(&(kcs_info->kcs_lock), flags);
    >> return;
    >Do you really want to udelay this long with interrupts disabled?
    >Certainly comments in kcs_event[_handler] indicate you're aware of the
    >issue, but the code does not belie this fact :)
    >Not only is the udelay itself "long" relatively speaking, but it's in a
    >loop. Which also calls a function that contains a loop that is
    >potentially infinite is hardware is being wonky.
    > Jeff
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