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    SubjectBugs sitting in the NEW state for more than 2 weeks
    There are 116 bugs sitting in the NEW state for more than two weeks
    that don't appear to have any activity. 53 of these bugs are owned
    by bugme-janitors which are good candidates for anyone to work on.
    Please check the bugs before working on them to see if they are
    still available.

    Kernel Bug Tracker:

    48 Drivers PCMCIA
    APM suspend and PCMCIA not cooperating

    49 Drivers Console/
    register_console() called in illegal context

    69 Drivers Console/
    Framebuffer bug

    72 Drivers Console/
    Framebuffer scrolls at the wrong times/places

    122 Platform i386
    emu10k1 OSS troubles

    135 Drivers Sound
    SB16/Alsa doesn't work

    138 Drivers Video(Ot
    Build error: drivers/video/sis/sis_main.h:299: parse error before >sisfbinfo

    142 Other Other
    problem with ver_linux script and procps version

    143 IO/Stora IDE
    unable to read cd audio from atapi cdrom/cdrw/dvd device, possibly
    associated wi

    145 Drivers Sound
    ALSA: SB-AWE ISA detection fails

    153 Drivers Serial
    compile failure on drivers/char/riscom8.c

    155 Drivers Serial
    compile failure on drivers/char/specialix.c

    160 Networki Other
    With 2 different nic on one system, dhcp configuration fails

    161 Drivers Console/
    VESAfb in 2.5 somehow influences X resolution.

    183 IO/Stora SCSI
    megaraid driver panics with IBM EXP300 enclosure

    189 Other Other
    sscanf in lib/vsprintf.c ignores field width for numeric formats

    191 Platform i386
    Panic on shutdown

    192 IO/Stora Block La
    loop.c IV calculation is broken since 2.4.x

    193 Other Other
    sysrq umount bad ordering (real before loop)

    199 Drivers Flash/Me
    compile failure on drivers/mtd/devices/blkmtd.c

    201 Drivers Network
    compile failure on drivers/net/fc/iph5526.c

    203 Drivers Network
    compile failure on drivers/net/wan/sdlamain.c

    204 Drivers Network
    compile failure on drivers/net/rcpci45.c

    205 Drivers Console/
    gpm mouse cursor flips chars on framebuffer console

    207 Drivers Console/
    Cirrus Logic Framebuffer -- Does not compile

    209 Drivers Console/
    Matrox Framebuffer -- Does not compile

    213 Drivers SCSI
    compile failure in drivers/scsi/ini9100u.c

    215 Drivers SCSI
    compile failure in drivers/scsi/pci2000.c

    216 Drivers SCSI
    compile failure in drivers/scsi/pci2220i.c

    217 Drivers SCSI
    compile failure in drivers/scsi/dpt_i2o.c

    220 Drivers SCSI
    compile failure in drivers/scsi/AM53C974.c

    228 Other Other
    Make pdfdocs/psdocs/htmldoc fail in 2.5.54

    232 Drivers SCSI
    block/cciss_scsi.c out of bounds according to stanford checker

    233 Drivers Other
    cdrom/cdu31a.c Out of bounds according to Andy Chou

    235 IO/Stora IDE
    ide/ide-lib.c array out of bound according to Andy Chou

    236 Drivers Video(Ot
    media/video/bt856.c bounds error from Andy Chou

    237 Drivers Video(Ot
    media/video/c-qcam.c buffer out of bounds from Andy Chou

    238 Drivers Video(Ot
    media/video/saa7134/saa7134-tvaudio.c buffer out of bounds. From Andy Chou

    239 Drivers Video(Ot
    media/video/tvaudio.c buffer out of bounds from Andy Chou

    240 Drivers Parallel
    possible parport/probe.c off by one error from Andy Chou

    243 Drivers SCSI
    possiblecpqfcTSworker.c out of bounds bug from Andy Chou

    244 Drivers SCSI
    Possible uninitialised ptr scsi bug from Andy Chou

    246 Drivers SCSI
    Possible missing assert in sym_malloc.c from

    247 Drivers Video(Ot
    Possible bug in fbgen.c from Stanford Checker

    248 Drivers Video(Ot
    Possible bug in sstfb.c from Stanford Checker

    249 Drivers Video(Ot
    uninitialized pointer in sstfb.c from Stanford Checker

    252 Drivers Sound
    Possible out of bounds bug in sb_mixer.c from Stanford Checker

    253 Drivers Sound
    another possible out of bounds error in sb_mixer.c from Stanford Checker

    254 Drivers Sound
    One more possible out of bounds error in sb_mixer.c from Stanford Checker

    255 Drivers Sound
    Possible out of bounds error in ac97_patch.c from Stanford Checker

    263 Drivers Console/
    neofb null pointer dereference

    264 Drivers Network
    >Hw. address read/write mismap" when ejecting NE2000 Compatible
    pcmcia card

    267 Other Other
    ver_linux script fails to give module-init-tools version

    270 Drivers Sound
    panic loading ALSA driver for cs4232

    273 Other Modules
    initrd refuses to build on raid0 system

    283 Drivers Serial
    Compile failure of drivers/char/isicom.c

    284 Drivers IEEE1394
    Compile failure in drivers/ieee1394/pcilynx.c

    288 IO/Stora Block La
    BUG_ON in deadline I/O scheduler and write I/O not completing

    289 Drivers Other
    Compile failure on drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_net_lib.c

    294 File Sys devfs
    devfs_dealloc_unique_number() when not initialized

    295 IO/Stora Block La
    RD device shares elevator queue objects

    297 Platform i386
    Booting kernel 2.5.57 and higher ends with failure

    301 IO/Stora Block La

    320 Drivers Other
    double logical operator drivers/char/ip2/i2lib.c

    322 Drivers Other
    double logical operator drivers/char/sx.c

    329 Drivers Input De
    wheel doesn't works on a usb mouse

    332 Other Other
    /etc/fstab LABEL for root partition not working

    345 Drivers SCSI
    compile failure in drivers/scsi/inia100.c

    346 Drivers SCSI
    compile failure in drivers/scsi/cpqfcTSinit.c

    349 IO/Stora MD
    stripped MD0 splits requests incorrectly

    351 Drivers Network
    duplicated messages in tg3 startup

    352 Other Other
    Unneccessary includes of linux/version.h

    354 Alternat mm
    Kernel panic on boot after realtek RTL-8139 ethernet intialization

    361 Drivers Sound
    system hangs until keyrpress

    365 IO/Stora MD
    Raid-0 causes kernel BUG at drivers/block/ll_rw_blk.c:1996

    368 Drivers Console/
    Permedia 3 driver broken

    369 Drivers Sound
    opl3sa2.c fails to compile because on PNP error

    370 Platform i386
    Kernel will not boot against Asus P4T533-C

    371 Drivers Other
    Badness in kobject_register at lib/kobject.c:152

    377 Drivers Sound
    sound/isa/ad1816a/ad1816a.c doesn't compile #ifdef __ISAPNP__

    379 Drivers Sound
    VIA 8235 rear channel playback on front channels?

    384 Networki Other
    2.5.62 make modules *.ko has no CRC

    386 Other Other
    list of the worst stack offenders in the kernel (from Linus on lkml)

    387 Other Other
    poll on usb device does not return immediatly when device is unplugged

    388 Other Other
    2.5.60/ioctl on usb device returns wrong length

    395 Drivers Sound
    No sound with ESS Maestro3

    396 IO/Stora Other
    The kernel keeps trying to read a bad floppy disk sector a infinite
    number of ti

    400 Other Other
    Highpoint 370 triggers sleeping from illegal context debug code.

    411 Platform i386
    unexpected IO-APIC on GA-7VAX

    415 Drivers Video(DR
    aty128fb.c fails to compile (logic error)

    417 File Sys ext3
    htree much slower than regular ext3

    420 Networki IPV4
    Divide by zero (/proc/sys/net/ipv4/neigh/DEV/base_reachable_time)

    428 Drivers Serial
    Not all serial ports listed in /proc/interrupts > /proc/ioports

    431 Process Other
    kernel BUG at include/linux/smp_lock.h:53!

    437 Drivers Network
    compile failure in drivers/net/tokenring/tms380tr.c

    438 Drivers SCSI
    aic7xxx_old does not boot

    441 Drivers Console/
    Badness in Riva framebuffer

    443 Drivers Sound
    warnings from sound/pci/cs46xx/cs46xx_lib.c:

    444 Drivers Sound

    445 Drivers Console/
    cat /dev/fb1 -> null pointer @ fb_open

    446 Alternat ac
    IDE ZIP does not work on 2.4.21-pre5-ac1>2/ac test tree

    449 File Sys SysFS
    Kernel BUG when tun device is closed (oops attached)

    450 Networki Other
    PPP (PPPoE) causes OOPS on interface initialization, 2.5.64

    452 File Sys XFS
    Null pointer dereference in iget_locked

    453 Alternat mm
    unexpected IO-APIC

    456 Networki IPV4
    Apache test framework causes kernel panic in tcp_v4_get_port

    457 File Sys devfs
    Using Raid0 and devfs.. I get VFS unable to mount root

    458 Drivers Sound
    computer crashes more or less randomly when using sounds more or less

    459 Drivers Sound
    error compiling sound/isa/es18xx

    460 Memory M Slab All
    kernel won't release slabcache without prodding

    462 Drivers PNP
    PNPBios blows up hard during boot

    463 Drivers Network
    Transmit counts always zero, 2 eth cards.

    464 Power Ma ACPI
    2.5.64: Dell Inspiron 8000 BIOS A04 EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN!

    465 IO/Stora Other
    2.5.65: devfs OOPS in delete_partition() w/ usb_storage: devfs_put()
    poisoned po

    466 Drivers IEEE1394
    SBP2 driver doesn't appear to register a block device?

    469 Networki Other
    /proc/net/dev byte counter wraps after 2^32

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