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SubjectRe: Synaptics Touchpad loses sync 2.5.66
Joshua Kwan wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 01:49:03PM +0800, Brad Campbell wrote:
>>Under X 4.2.0 (Happened under 4.1.x also) the Touchpad loses sync quite
>>frequently causing the mouse to go haywire, jumping all over the screen
>>and sending button presses that I have not made.
>>The exact same configuration works perfectly under 2.4.x
> I talked about this problem on LKML around 2.5.59.

Ahh, that was about when I subscribed, I must have just missed it.

> If you use an ACPI battery monitor (I notice you are on a laptop and
> you have ACPI enabled), there is a lot of Bad Mojo (TM) in psmouse.c
> at the moment. Just don't use it if you have a synaptics touchpad, and
> things should work out immediately.

Well that was interesting.. I started X, told the battery monitor not to
start on X startup, stopped X and re-started it, and the machine totaly
hard locked. No Alt-Sysrq, no external ping.. no nothing..

After a hard re-boot, I can confirm that not running the ACPI battery
monitor solves (works around) the problem. Problem being I now have no
idea when my battery is going to die :p)

Thanks for the quick response.

/ \

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