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    SubjectRe: 2.4.21-rc1-ac2 Promise IDE DMA won't work
    > On Monday 28 April 2003 09:58 pm, Andre Hedrick wrote:
    >> NO ATAPI DMA!
    >> I will not write the driver core to attempt to support the various
    >> combinations. The ATAPI DMA engine space is used support 48bit.
    >> Use the onboard controller for ATAPI.
    >> Andre Hedrick
    >> LAD Storage Consulting Group
    > Can I object that it came built onto the board? okok... i'll take that
    > as a no for now...
    >> Tho i'm still not quite sure how it makes a diff to be honest, unless
    >> you mean that the Promise and HPT will never be supported for DMA?
    >> and the only other thing i should say is that altho i'm not exactly a
    >> n00b, the average user WILL expect it to work.
    >> can i expect this to be fixed by 2.6? (yeah, i know... 2.4-ac-ide
    >>code is similar to 2.5-ide code)
    >> --
    >> tabris

    >The point is that you should put your ATAPI device (in this case the
    >on the VIA controllers, and place the hdd's on the promise controller,
    >since dma is supported for hdd's...

    >This is also their intended primary functions by the manufacturers...,
    >for example the HPT370 controller with bios version > does
    >not have ATAPI support (atleast officially, I haven't tried it)

    So, are you telling me that DMA for both my hard drives, and my CD-R/Ws
    will work, if i put my HDs on the PDC20265 controller, and my CD-R/W on
    the VIA?

    or will i lose DMA on the hard drives in this way, losing performance?

    the second solution, tho one _I_ could probably live with, is still a
    problem, especially for those of us who want to sell GNU/Linux to our
    customers as a 'better' solution.

    btw, please cc: me in your replies, as I no longer am able to subscribe
    to the linux-kernel list. this reply i had to hack by hand from

    Why don't you fix your little problem... and light this candle?
    -- Alan Shepherd, the first man into space, Gemini program

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