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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] Re: [Bluetooth] HCI USB driver update. Support for SCO over HCI USB.

> I was actually going to ask you guys if you'd be interested
> in generalizing this _urb_queue() stuff that I have for
> other drivers. Current URB api does not provide any interface
> for queueing/linking/etc of URBs in the _driver_ itself.

I only saw fragments of the original patch -- could you be just
a bit more specific?

If you're suggesting adding some "struct list_head" into
"struct urb" for exclusive use of the interface's driver
(instead of urb_list, which is for usbcore/hcd) ... I'd
agree that'd be a good thing.

In fact I recently got around to adding that to the
"gadget side" analogue of an URB. For much the same
kind of reasons as you mentioned.

- Dave

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