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SubjectRe: TASK_UNMAPPED_BASE & stack location
On Fri, Apr 25, 2003 at 04:52:05PM -0700, badari wrote:
> Only problem with moving TASK_UNMAPPED_BASE right above
> text would be - limiting the malloc() space. malloc() is clever enough
> to mmap() and do the right thing. Once I moved TASK_UNMAPPED_BASE
> to 0x10000000 and I could not run some of the programs with large
> data segments.
> Moving stacks below text would be tricky. pthread library knows
> the placement of stack. It uses this to distinguish between
> threads and pthreads manager.
> I don't know what other librarys/apps depend on this kind of stuff.

STACK_TOP is easy to change to see what goes wrong; it's a single
#define in include/asm-i386/a.out.h

Someone should spin it up and see how well pthreads copes.

-- wli
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