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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][2.4-rc1] fix side effects of the kmod/ptrace secfix
    On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, Andreas Gietl wrote:
    > it shows:
    > 2092 ttyp0 S 0:00 su guest -c ps $PPID;wc -m </proc/$PPID/cmdline
    > 0

    Ah ok, I tested this with LC_CTYPE=de_DE.UTF-8, in this case wc has
    to read the contents of the file. When a single-byte locale is used,
    wc just does fstat64() to get the file size(which returns 0 for the file).

    > but cat shows:
    > su guest -c 'ps $PPID; cat /proc/$PPID/cmdline'
    > 2144 ttyp0 S 0:00 su guest -c ps $PPID; cat /proc/$PPID/cmdline
    > suguest-cps $PPID; cat /proc/$PPID/cmdline
    > what happened?

    This is ok, access_proces_vm() is working.

    > > [pid 2599] --- SIGSTOP (Stopped (signal)) @ 0 (0) ---
    > > [pid 2599] write(1, "\n", 1
    > it shows:
    > localhost root # strace -fewrite su -c /bin/echo 2>&1 | grep pid
    > [pid 2159] write(1, "\n", 1

    Looks ok also, the task->mm->dumpable check is removed from prace_check_attach

    > Looks like my results are slightly diffent, Does this mean i did not apply the
    > patch correctly? I applied it twice manually, because patch did not succeed

    The above shows that at least the two-liner task_dumpable diff is applied.
    > and compiled the kernel 3 times...

    Sorry for the different output, I should have made my tests safer against
    system variants. It should have applied clean, maybe some white space issue
    or so, I'll check it. shutdown didn't change? What does it on your system?

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