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SubjectRe: versioned filesystems in linux (was Re: kernel support for
> You just modify your user-mode tools and your 'C' runtime library
> to make whatever atrocious versioning mechanism you want. You can
> even make all filenames upper case, just like VAX/VMS, and you can
> even make your shell DCL if you want. It's where the rules are
> enforced like (mapping everything to upper-case).
> I can see it now, upon startup `init` execs:
> INPUT=SYS$SYSTEM:[etc]inittab -
> OUTPUT=SYS$SYSTEM:[var.log]startup.log -
> ERROR=SYS$SYSTEM:[dev]console -
> UIC=[0,0] -

Just wondering how difficult it would be to make a 9-track tape drive
from scratch, and connect it up to the parallel port... Do you think
that old hard disk motors, from 5.25" MFM disks be powerful enough for
the 120IPS tape transport?

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