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SubjectRe: Flame Linus to a crisp!
> > Well, my walking out of computing is tied to complete prevention of
> > kernel hacking on commodity hardware, so you've not lost anything yet.
> > I only really care if it's no longer possible to get a commodity system
> > to run Linux on at all, not about crypto dongles.
> If it ever gets that bad, email me and we'll find a way to create
> hardware without those restrictions, and get it to people who want it.
> If the hardware that comes out of industry won't let you hack, hey you
> still have basic materials like SiO2 from the real world to make your
> own. Tough, but rewarding :)

We should be doing this _anyway_.

With open hardware designs, there would be no problem with
documentation not being available to write drivers.

With open hardware designed by Linux developers, we could have
hardware _designed_ for Linux.

Incidently, using the Transmeta CPUs, is it not possible for the user
to replace the controlling software with their own code? I.E. not
bother with X86 compatibility at all, but effectively design your own
CPU? Couldn't we make the first Lin-PU this way?

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