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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] M68k IDE updates
    > On Mer, 2003-04-23 at 12:27, Richard Zidlicky wrote:
    > > It seems that Geert=C2=B4 idea would fit neatly into the current IDE=20
    > > system. Endianness of on disk data and drive control data are
    > > clearly different things. A while ago Andre suggested to switch
    > > the transport based on opcode to make it work, it might be even
    > > more straightforward to set some flag when the handler is selected
    > > or take a distinct handler altogether (ide_cmd_type_parser or
    > > ide_handler_parser).
    > Thats over complicating stuff I think.
    > > Otoh trying to solve that with loopback would mean new kernels=20
    > > wouldn=C2=B4t even see the partition table of old installed harddisks
    > > on some machines.=20
    > Which is a real pain. I think its the right 2.5 answer. I'm not happy
    > about breaking that (even if its only for the m68k userbase in 2.4)
    > either.
    > I don't think command parsing is the right place. Turn your IDE layer
    > "right endian" and most stuff begins to look a lot saner already.=20
    > The "fixing" needs to be happening at the top of the IDE layer not
    > in the driver itself. For 2.5 that ought to be loopback or similar
    > for 2.4 it makes sense I think to effectively implement an endian
    > switcher without loopback for compatibility.

    Moving byte swapping out of the IDE layer also means that dumping the
    whole disk to a file will then give you non-byte swapped data, which
    could then be written back to a disk on another machine without a
    byte-swapped IDE interface.

    It will also allow you to exchange tar archives on raw hard disk
    devices, and have them readable on non-byte swapped IDE interfaces

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