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SubjectRe: [Bug 623] New: Volume not remembered.
>> I can only guess why. My buest guess is that not all
>> sound-configurations are the same, on some systems the "defaults" could
>> much to loud. (e.g. waking the neigbours when you restart you computer
>> at night)
> This is certainly the case. When I was packaging OSS for Xandros, our initial default was 50 percent. We eventualyl made it about 30, because even that was too loud on a laptop we were testing. There was little coherance between the various soundcards.
> Waking the neighbors is the smallest problem. Blowing a speaker or makign the user deaf if quite another.
> Yes, it's a distro problem. My Gentoo was build "-alsa" and so the alsa-sound init script does not 'go'. A simple rebuild will solve the problem.

I agree it's a disto problem to save and restore.

But I fail to understand how the distro can magically set a sensible
default, and yet we're unable to do so inside the kernel ? Setting it
to something like 10 (or other very quiet setting) would seem reasonable.
Then at least the poor user would have a clue what the problem was.

As to "There was little coherance between the various soundcards", yes
this probably needs to be a per-soundcard setting for sensible defaults.
I presume this is what the distros do?

Defaulting to silence seems user-malevolent ...


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