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SubjectRe: BK->CVS,
Shachar Shemesh <> writes:

> development environment to build it. Add to that the fact that most
> distros don't carry it as a package (a while back I tried,
> unsuccessfully, to locate an RPM for it, anywhere), and you get
> something that should be deployed with care.

There are rpms for suse 8.1 on (i386 only for obvious

BTW: With glibc 2.3 the modula-3 compiler bootstrap broke (due to
thread code changes as far I can see, I'm no m3 guru ...), so with
very recent linux distributions you likely have problems to build the
thing even on i386 (unless someone has fixed that in the meantime).
Old cvsup binaries continue to work through.

> On the other hand, both Wine (where I got to know it) and KDE seem to
> offer cvsup for getting the repository, so it can't be THAT
> difficult.

xfree86 + freebsd use it too.


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