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SubjectRe: [2.5.68] no console messages after switch to FB (matrox
Petr Vandrovec wrote:
> Are you sure that your boot messages are directed to the matroxfb and
> not to the vesa?
> In the past keyword for selecting matroxfb options was 'video=matrox:...',
> while now it is 'video=matroxfb:...', so you may have to modify your
> lilo.conf line (and do not ask me why these two letters were added if
> we have video= prefix... I do not know).

Adding video=matroxfb did the trick. Thanks for the tip.

I still don't understand the logic of it, though.
If the kernel can find the resources to present the logo,
why can't it just keep using those resources for the rest
of the boot?

char *foo = find_a_home_for_tux();
if(foo) {
else {

what's next, rootname=/?

>@ (vagn( /
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