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SubjectRe: objrmap and vmtruncate
>> where the list of address_ranges is sorted by start address. This is
>> intended to make use of the real-world case that many things (like shared
>> libs) map the same exact address ranges over and over again (ie something
>> like 3 ranges, but hundreds or thousands of mappings).
> I'd have to see an empirical demonstration or some previously published
> analysis (or previously published empirical demonstration) to believe
> this does as it should.
> Not to slight the originator, but it is a technique without an a priori
> time (or possibly space either) guarantee, so the trials are warranted.
> I'm overstating the argument because it's hard to make it sound slight;
> it's very plausible something like this could resolve the time issue.

I got sidetracked by the slowdown seeing for massive contention on the
i_shared_sem for even sorting the list. We need to fix that before this is
feasible to do ... (though maybe the list will be sufficiently shorter now
it's less of a problem .... hmmm). Maybe I'll just finish off the code.


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