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SubjectRe: objrmap and vmtruncate
On Tue, Apr 22, 2003 at 07:29:02AM -0700, Martin J. Bligh wrote:
> overhead itself. I think we're optimising for the wrong case here - isn't
> the 100x100 mappings case exactly what we have sys_remap_file_pages for?

yes IMHO.

> We can make the O(?) stuff look as fancy as we like. However, in reality,
> that makes the constants suck, and I'm not at all sure it's a good plan.

correct, it depends on what we care to run fast.

> It seems ironic that the solution to space consumption is do double the
> amount of space taken ;-) I see what you're trying to do (shove things up


> I think the holes in objrmap are quite small - and are already addressed by
> your sys_remap_file_pages mechanism.


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