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    SubjectRe: Are linux-fs's drive-fault-tolerant by concept?
    On Sun, 20 Apr 2003 18:12:54 +0100 (BST)
    John Bradford <> wrote:

    > > Can you tell me what is so particularly bad about the idea to cope a
    > > little bit with braindead (or just-dying) hardware?
    > Nothing - what is wrong is to implement it in a filesystem, where it
    > does not belong.

    I know you favor a layer between low-level driver and fs probably. Sure it is
    clean design, and sure it sounds like overhead (Yet Another Layer).

    > > See, a car (to name a real good example) is not primarily built to have
    > > accidents.
    > Stunt cars are built to survive accidents. All cars _could_ be built
    > like stunt cars, but they aren't.

    Well, I do really hope that my BMW is built to survive accidents, too. Because
    if it is not, I go and buy a Mercedes immediately. We are looking for passive
    safety stuff here, and if it _can_ make a difference to spend one buck more,
    then I will do ...


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