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SubjectRe: BK->CVS,

On Sat, 19 Apr 2003, Larry McVoy wrote:

> Some people haven't switched because BitKeeper isn't free software and
> they feel uncomfortable using non-free software as part of working on
> the kernel.

You forgot to mention that some people are not allowed to use bk (without
paying) and some people also don't like the invasion of privacy (unless
they pay).

> There was a fair amount of fuss amongst the free software purists,
> over the fact that a lot of information that was available in BitKeeper
> was lost when Linus provided the traditional tarball releases and patch
> updates.

This has never been an issue, the complete version history is only
available to bk users. This makes it difficult for other SCM developers to
assist users in easy exchange of information with bk users or converting
their information from bk into other formats.

> Flame wars happened and when the dust settled, the BitKeeper
> folks built a BitKeeper to CVS gateway which captures the bulk of the
> information

, because only the bk folks have the tools and the license to produce such
a product.

bye, Roman

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