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    SubjectRe: [BUG] laptop keyboard, tracked to ACPI
    On Monday 31 March 2003 12:09 pm, Grover, Andrew wrote:
    > > From: Warren Turkal []
    > > Andy Grover, ACPI Maintainer, I am CCing you directly as I
    > > think this is your
    > > bug at this point. When I compile a kernel without ACPI, the
    > > bug does not
    > > show its face. When I compile with ACPI in modules and load
    > > none of the
    > > modules, the bug still happens. I think that the bug exists
    > > in the base ACPI
    > > support code as a result. The bug is described below. I have
    > > not tried the
    > > latest linus bk patches. This current round of tests was
    > > performed on 2.5.66.
    > > 2.5.63 is the last version of the kernel that does not have this bug.
    > Please try the ACPI patch from and let me
    > know if it doesn't fix things.
    > Thanks -- Regards -- Andy

    This does fix it. Thanks so much! :-D Now I just wonder if that OOPS on
    shutdown is fixed yet.

    Treasurer, GOLUM, Inc.

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