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SubjectRe: 2.5.67-ac2 and lilo
Hey Andries,

before taking your message into account, i think you misunderstood my

> Hmm. You did not forget to rerun LILO or so?

the error occurs when _running_ lilo, i.e. after typing "lilo" at the prompt.

greetings, chris

--- Andries Brouwer <> wrote:
> > but now, when running lilo, i get the following message:
> >
> > Fatal: First boot sector doesn't have a valid LILO signature
> Hmm. You did not forget to rerun LILO or so?
> If ide_xlate_1024 does nothing but "return 0" then
> handle_ide_mess() does nothing.
> What other differences does -ac2 have?
> It reintroduces a bug in the partition reading code - the fragment
> @@ -456,7 +556,7 @@
> if (!subtypes[n].parse)
> continue;
> subtypes[n].parse(state, bdev, START_SECT(p)*sector_size,
> - NR_SECTS(p)*sector_size, slot);
> + NR_SECTS(p)*sector_size, n);
> }
> put_dev_sector(sect);
> of the -ac2 patch is bad.
> In order to judge whether it is this or something else I would have
> to know much more about your system. What are the kernel boot messages
> for this disk under 2.5.67-bk9 that works and 2.5.67-ac2 that fails?
> What is the partition table? No disk managers in sight? Does LILO
> have lba32 or linear options?
> Does 2.5.67-ac2 work if you replace its fs/partitions/msdos.c by
> the vanilla one?
> Andries

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