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Subject[2.5.67-mm4] Can't open pty's

Xterm (nor any other VT) won't run on my freshly compiled
2.5.67-mm4 kernel. It says:

xterm: Error 32, errno 2: No such file or directory
Reason: get_pty: not enough ptys

When I look in /dev all the ptys are there. Also dmesg
gives no strange reading (not on this matter).

I attached my .config and dmesg (it does show earlier
mentioned weird things about IRQ 12, and a little chatter
about UDF-fs)


Johan Hidding

PS: I haven't got strace compiled yet, but when I tried:
# emerge -p strace/strace-4.4-r1

These are the packages that I would merge, in order:

Calculating dependencies emerge: create(): aux_get()
error on log/strace-4.4-r1; aborting...
I don't know if this is a kernel error, or something
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