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Subject[2.5.x] SCSI Tekram DC395x drivers can be found here.

Some days ago I was asking for a port help of the driver mentioned in
the subject line and a couple of friendly developers replied to me and
now we have taken over the development and maintainance of the driver
for 2.5.x. So far the driver is working pretty fine and we did a lot of
cleanup (more to come) and hopefully we bring it up to the quality for
today needs. By the way I would very much thank Kurt Garloff for the
long years support of that driver. Without him many of us would have
looked really poor :)

If you are interested in participating to the driver then you are really
welcome. I'm writing this letter only to introduce it and to save people
from re-doing this heavy work over and over again. It makes more sense
to work together on one driver and make this driver really good instead
having X numerous of forks of it.

The driver can now be downloaded here:

The rXX dir shows to the most current one, as higher the number as more
current the driver. And if you like to have a nice conversation with us
then you are welcome to subscribe to the official mailinglist at:

For personal reply please CC to me because I'm not subscribed here.


Ali Akcaagac

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