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SubjectRe: Debugging hard lockups (hardware?)
On 06 Apr 2003 22:04:55 +0100
Alan Cox <> wrote:

> On Sul, 2003-04-06 at 21:29, Arador wrote:
> > I've a similar hang; no oops; no sysrq; no NMI messages;
> > But mine only happens under 2.5; since long time ago.
> > The one strange thing is that it seems that it's not hanged;
> > since the X pointer moves in 3-5 seconds intervals (it even
> > change the shape in the window's corners).
> So its not hanging, but acting like something gets burning
> CPU. If you can duplicate this in non X next time it occurs
> use right-alt or shift or ctrl and scrolllock get some data
> on what its doing.

It doesn't work either :( (sorry for the delay, but i use
X quite a lot and took me a while to reproduce it again in console)

The description is above....a hang that happens randomly in 2.5
from ages; both with and without X; no sysrq or NMI messages....
now i checked that right-alt/shift/ctrl and scrolllock doesn't work...
i suspect this might be a hardware failure; i should run it a while under
2.4 to see if i get a similar behaviour....

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