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    SubjectRe: kernel support for non-English user messages
    On Mon, 2003-04-14 at 10:29, Linus Torvalds wrote:

    Hi Linus,
    I hope Im not being a nerd..

    > The whole open source idea is that people do what they care
    > about and what they are good at, and exactly because they aren't forced to
    > deal with issues they don't have a heart for they take more pride and
    > interest in the stuff they _do_ do.

    I thought the whole open source idea was that people could share quality
    software that is free to view and modify. :)

    > Personally, I don't write documentation. I don't much even write
    > comments in my code.

    Maybe Im too naive but I really believe that good commenting style
    should be the default way for _all_ opensource developers to opperate
    simply because the practise of "being free to view and modify code" is
    helped by good comments.

    However I do understand that unpaid volunteers will tend to focus on the
    things they enjoy more so than things they do not, and I dont have any
    problems with that.

    The Learning curve with a project this big is hellishly steep though, so
    young ones such as myself can use all the code comments we can get.
    I know it seems rather obnoxious to be telling you this, sorry.

    Best Regards.

    Alex Combas <>
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