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Subjectdrivers/net/isa-skeleton.c queue management bug?
I realize that the code is going on ten years old and isn't supposed
to be run, but is there a bug in the interface queue handling for
packet transmissions in isa-skeleton.c?

If TX_RING is defined, net_interrupt() will check to see if it was
called due to a completed packet, and if so, then it executes:

if (status & TX_INTR) {
/* Transmit complete. */

However, the net_tx() function processes any completed entries and
then executes:

if (netif_queue_stopped(dev) && ! tx_full(dev))

It seems that the queue is going to be awoken in net_interrupt,
regardless of the state of the ring buffer. I'm not exactly sure
under what circumstances this might occur, but I'm trying to track
down random hangs in a driver that is based on isa-skeleton.

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