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SubjectRe: 2.5.67-mm3: Bad: scheduling while atomic with IEEE1394 then hard freeze ( lockup on CPU0)

On Tue, 15 Apr 2003 16:05:30 -0700
Andrew Morton <> wrote:

| Philippe Gramoullé <> wrote:
| >
| >
| >
| This is a great bug report. Thanks.

Well, i finally managed to get some output when i learned about the
nmi_watchdog boot option ( reading another thread about debugging hard hangs)
so i'm pleased if this report helped :)
| The 1394 warnings are known about and I think Ben is working on it.

Ok, great. I think this is one of the latest thing that prevents me to
use 2.5.x almost full time.

| The NMI watchdog hit is nasty:
| What has happened here is that you were in the middle of a kobject_get(),
| holding spin_lock(&kobj_lock) when an interrupt came in. The USB interrupt
| handler comes in and ends up calling kobject_get() again. This CPU already
| holds the lock and blamyouredead.
| Turning kobj_lock into an IRQ-safe lock would appear to be a sufficient fix.

I'll wait for the fix and will happily try it once it's available.


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